June: Instagram Outfits

Wow remember when it was June? I sure don’t…

Life post uni is a very strange thing. Whilst tidying my room I remembered I own a laptop and upon starting it up I came across this pretty much finished blog post. Curious. In retrospect I should have posted it at the time, and maybe then I would’ve stayed consistent for the rest of the month. But here we are. Sporadic as always. So yes, I know it’s July. I know these are old outfits and probably sold out. But they’re still worth talking about right? Pls say yes, I’m still a lil rusty over here. 

I’ve mentioned a couple of times how I’m digging fashion lately. Putting pieces together; styling a fit. I’m very into it. So of course this has meant more ootds and begging my siblings to photograph me for the gram. Since june was a month of pretty much just working. Yep I gots me a job. Of course this has meant a uniform, so as soon as I clock out I’m shedding this layer and wearing outfits I actually like. And enjoying them even more so.

ASOS and Topshop are my jam lately, so pretty much everything I’m wearing is from those havens. It’s seemingly impossible for me to return something to Topshop without buying more at the same time. And I’m becoming all too familiar with the local DPD men… but onto the clothes.

Sun’s out, legs out


top (similar – in fact better, I want it ugh) | shorts | shoes | bag | book

I love mustard. Both the condiment and the colour. And I truly believe it’s not just for autumn. So a mustard vest tucked into these shorts with plain black loafers, makes for a pretty basic but sweet look. These shorts have a super flattering fit, as someone who never wears shorts, this is saying something. I love the side button detail and the belt ensures a cinched waist despite fitting the booty, amirite. The net bag adds instant summer European holiday vibes to this outfit, with flowers and a book in tow you’re pretty set for… reading I guess?

*These shorts have also featured a lot on my gram in July, bury me in them*

All black everything


bralet | jumper | jeans | belt | vans

There’s nothing more chic or classic to me than an all black outfit. And what’s more classic than a pair of vans? I’m rarely wearing anything else on my feet these days. These are the platform style of the old skool design, and yes it’s looove. This may look like a basic black jumper, but it has a super cool low cross back design, pretty much the mullet of knitwear. The exposed back adds a little cheekiness to the look, perfect for a peeking bralet like this yellow number, for a lil subtle pop of colour. A perfect mooching around Bath outfit for when the sun’s playing hide and seek.

Shades of cool



bodysuit | shorts (similar) | belt | vans | sunglasses | bag

This bodysuit has featured on my insta quite a bit since I bought it. I love everything about it. The colour, the style, even the thickness allowing for minimal nipping. Although nipples are an accessory. I’ve since bought this bodysuit in a bright orange colour but blue is still where my heart is. Tucked into a good pair of comfy mom jean shorts with a belt for good measure. That topshop basket bag – love. Oh and these total instagram only sunglasses I’ll probably never wear in real life lol. I’m thinking all I need is a beachy background and a 99 flake in hand, or a picnic in the park to complete this look.

So those are a few of the outfits I captured last month. If only I had posted it at the time – oops.


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