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If you’re anything of a Glossier fan, you’ll have noticed the recent launch of their new makeup remover. And with this Glossier are the latest brand to jump on the micellar hype. Is it just me or is everyone bringing out micellar products recently? Not just the makeup removers, I’ve even seen micellar shampoos! Amazing. 

But anyways.

Back to Glossier with their offering of Milky Oil. And that’s exactly what it is. The type of makeup remover which needs a quick shake to emulsify the liquid. Half milky, half oily, with a dash of micellar somewhere in the mix too. This was made to complement the classic Milky Jelly cleanser, with similar ingredients to soften and condition the skin.

As a long term double cleanser, makeup removers are not really my thing. But with this coming in a handy 100ml size, it was perfect for testing on my recent trip to Amsterdam. For everyday use however, I can’t help but feel I would burn through the bottle far quicker than I’d like to. Not ideal when you take into consideration the £10 price tag for the one size (100ml), in comparison to the Garnier’s 700ml for £5… yikes.

Along with Milky Oil, I decided to also purchase the travel size Milky Jelly which I am already a fan of. Though it had been a while since this last touched my face. This is a super dreamy, gentle cleanser which gets the job done without stripping the skin, leaving it plump and smooth. All the good stuff. And after using this the past few days, I can’t remember why I stopped using it. I just wish I had bought a bigger size!

Milky Oil is indeed a milky oil texture which dissolved my makeup quite instantly. I found a little goes a long way – which gives me more faith. What makes Glossier’s stand out from other micellars I’ve tried before you may be wondering. The light oily residue left on the skin. Although easily removed by Milky Jelly, I found this subtle addition helped to nourish and boost the skin. Adding an extra welcome dose of hydration into the routine. 

The two work excellently together, removing all traces of makeup. With nothing but a clean, hydrated skin surface left behind, ready to soak up the rest of your skincare. By the end of the trip, I even found myself instructing my sister to feel how smooth my skin felt. A definite 10/10 recommend… if you can look past the price tag! 


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