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eyeshadow edit

When it comes to makeup, I’ve always been a lover of eyes. And this is usually where I’ll focus my attention. Winged liners, layers of fluttery mascara and in recent times eyeshadow.

I’m no eyeshadow connoisseur lets be clear on that. In fact I’m pretty bad at it. I’ve never really mastered the smokey eye and at this point in my life I’ve accepted defeat. But what I do enjoy is using single bold, intense colours for the easiest eye looks.

Eyeshadow is definitely not something I wear everyday, I like to go hard or go home. So when it comes to palettes I always lean towards the smaller more travel sized ones I can get my hands on. Ones full of at least 4 different, rich, matte colours to suit my moods – bun the transition shades! I especially love pink/purpley colours which for some reason bring out the brown in my eyes. And if I’m feeling bold – oranges/reds and even yellows.

I recently went through a glossier Dawn cloud paint phase where the tube of blush graced my eyelids everyday. I even tried my hand at IGTV filming and editing to create a tutorial of this look.

But the basic gist is using a fluffy brush to diffuse the colour of choice across the lid to create a smooth base colour, brushing outwards to wing the shadow out creating a nice shape to the eyes. Then add more shadow to the lid with a flat shader brush as this is where the colour should be most intense. Blend out any harsh lines with the fluffy brush, bringing any excess shadow into the crease and as high as you want to take it. Then using a small pencil brush add some colour to your lower lash line to bring the look together and of course finish with mascara.

Mascara makes all the difference.

The shadows I love using atm

are the Huda Beauty Warm Brown Obsessions palette, the Zoeva Voyager Caramel Melange palette both full of buttery, smooth shadows in interesting warm shades. And like I said, I’m very much into the Glossier Cloud Paints in Dawn and Storm on my eyes. Although these are marketed as blushes, they are vibrant, highly pigmented, buildable colours which I’d wear on my eyes over cheeks any day! When it comes to brushes I’m a big fan of both Zoeva and NYX eyeshadow brushes both equally as good and affordable.

So yes. Eyeshadow. We like it now.




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  1. Sarah
    April 5, 2019 / 12:14 am

    Oooooo! Love watching the video again. So many people must be envious of your eyebrows. Inherited from Daddy. X

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