The Midi Skirt

Recently I did something I always thought I would never do. Wear a midi skirt. And better yet, enjoy it?

I know I’m very late to this trend. And even later to the leopard print. But midi skirts were something I told myself I would never wear. It was deeply ingrained in my head that they would not look right on me. Also living here are bootcut jeans and kitten heels so you can understand how groundbreaking this is.

Part of the reason why I always avoided midis was the overall vibe of them. There’s something about the length of midis which gives them that grown up, adult look. Something I associate with women in their 20s who have their life sorted out. I’m not sure why I have this association, even still when they were first in fashion and all over my insta feed. Topshop bias skirt anyone? But hello, we ARE in our 20s.

We may not have our lives sorted out *cough* but we can definitely pretend we do. Thanks to the handy midi skirt disguise that is.

This summer we can wear cute skirts without them riding up. Without the self consciousness eventually felt when they suddenly become too short when they once fit perfectly (why does this happen?). And without needing tights when it gets too cold in the evening. This truly is the best of the skirt world.

This skirt makes me feel some type of way. And for the first time I don’t mind looking old. I’m here for the juxtaposition of grown up styles with modern twist, such as interesting cuts and prints like this one. Made from a floaty material with lots of movement when I walk, this is perfect for the hot days to come this summer. This H&M piece paired with the launderette aesthetic make for Eastenders vibes and I’m all about it. I styled it out with my platform vans and a plain black t-shirt to give it a cool everyday vibe, ensuring the skirt does all the talking.

Perhaps I’ll even try a maxi next !




  1. June 3, 2019 / 9:47 pm

    I love how you related this look to an Eastenders vibe

  2. Dee
    June 4, 2019 / 5:56 am

    This style suits you. You look gorgeous as ever. ❤️

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