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Milk Makeup.

Milk makeup is a brand I had waited patiently for after hearing the rumoured UK release would be in the near future. And after over a year of waiting eagerly, finally it arrived. Thank God for Cult Beauty!

The products I was most intrigued by were of course their sticks. Probably one of Milk’s most iconic lines of makeup, that and the KUSH cannabis line ha. They offer sticks for both makeup and skincare – including face washes, toners and masks. But it was the makeup I was most drawn to. Which btw is all vegan and cruelty free, amazing.

As a long term lover of cream products, I decided to purchase the Matte Bronzer, Lip and Cheek and the Highlighter sticks. The idea behind this was for quick 5 minute makeup. Easy to apply, easy to travel with. And I was right. All that’s needed to accompany these little sticks are a single blending brush, or beauty blender for all 3. In theory you could use your fingers, but I find tools always give a better, more seamless blend whilst also being less messy. So all that’s needed to create a dewy, contoured and blushed face, with minimal effort. A 3 product face if you will. Although I admit I do like to add a lil concealer and powder… and mascara… maybe brows too dang!

All of the sticks have surprisingly a lot more product in them than I was expecting, and despite owning them since February, I’ve barely made a dent in them. They are thicc. But from a recent quick browse I’ve noticed Milk now sell the blush stick in a mini size for half the price, suggesting this may roll out for all of the products in the future. Interesting, but I know that mine will last forever.

So let’s delve a bit deeper into each product.


Matte Bronzer in Blaze
To me this is more of a contour stick, however I did go for the darker out of the two shades. A little goes a long way with this stick to avoid looking muddy. But once I got the hang of it I feel like I cannot not wear it. It makes such a difference to the way my face looks. And makes me feel more put together. Effortless everyday contour yes please.

Lip and Cheek in Werk
To be honest I never use this for my lips. It’s definitely the wrong shade for that, in fact I’m sure if I had swatched this pre purchase I may not have picked this shade at all. But on the cheeks it is beautiful. Definitely the most one size fits all blush shade Milk have to offer, it creates a perfect natural but buildable dusty rose flush to the cheeks. Perhaps one of the dewiest blushes I own, I love it. I’m definitely draw to the shade Perk too which looks like a pretty summer coral.

Highlighter in Lit
And finally highlight. This was available in one shade only which I like. When it comes to highlighter I’m never really sure which shade I want and what would work best. A golden shade? Perhaps a bronze? Or maybe a champagne? It’s beyond me. So having the choice stripped away from me made this an easy purchase. A universal, natural but visible highlight with a soft and creamy texture. This I do like to blend in with a finger – to keep the product exactly where I want it. I don’t tend to use this everyday as I do find the blush creates a lovely dewy finish on it’s on. But when I want to look positively beaming, this gets the job done. It also creates a great base for powder highlights to stick to. It’s lit.

Overall I think the products were worth the excitement and I can’t wait to try more of what Milk have to offer. I’ve got my eyes on their skincare next especially their stick face masks – crazy stuff!

Milk Makeup Sticks

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