Outfit 001

Outfit 001. That sounds ominous. Like I’m intending to bombard this blog with 100 different outfits. I mean, I definitely could if only my bank balance allowed for it. But for now we’re on number one. And these photos have been brewing in my camera roll for a while now waiting to be put to use. I admit they have seen the light of instagram but they’re here now where they belong. On the blog.

I wrote a post last month all about fashion in your 20s and my new found love for midi skirts. And looking back that definitely could’ve been outfit 001, making this 002. But if I’m being truly honest, this post has no purpose, which is why it’s in this new category. I have absolutely nothing insightful or remotely interesting to say to accompany it. There’s nothing groundbreaking to this look. I just like it.

I think when it comes to blogs, and online content, I often put pressure on myself. This is definitely an internalised overthinking type of situ, I am writing this at midnight after all. But for some reason I feel as though creating articles for the sake of creating is something I shouldn’t be doing. I should always have a purpose. And often this is the reason why I do not post.

My creativity never seems to remain consistent, with weeks of drought following the initial downpour onto page. I feel like I try to force something which isn’t real. But there’s only so much you can say about an outfit. So most likely any outfit posts following this will also have no purpose other than to say I like it. But is there really anything wrong with that?

Dang, maybe I did have something to say.

But yes. This outfit is dreamy.

Breezy summer prairie vibes, paired with heavy, bold urban docs. I wore this to a farm stroke gelato bar situation in the countryside, the perfect setting for this look.

I love the juxtaposition of chunky Dr Martens with a cute summer dress, for an instant cool look. This is definitely made a lot more wearable by the Pascal style Docs, with super soft leather which wraps snug around the ankle creating an almost sock boot feel, which I find elongates my legs. Again this is a much needed contrast to the light and floaty Urban Outfitters dress which doesn’t cling to the body. To accessorise I wore my tiny Topshop yellow bag which matched the yellow accents of the dress and threading on the boots along with gold jewellery.

A dreamy summer look.

outfit 001

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  1. sarah mcintyre
    July 28, 2019 / 8:49 am

    Great! I don’t know how you do it but you’re naturally gifted with words and the pictures add to it sooo well.

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