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At home facial

I’m not someone who goes for regular facials, although I truly aspire to be one day. But something about this extended time off from life makes me feel like I should be doing more to pamper myself. Self care has never felt more necessary and honestly I’m just a bit bored. So lately I’ve reintroduced a few probably pointless, definitely extra, mini at home facial treatments. Most of which were impulse amazon buys. 

Steaming facial

I love a good facial steam to make me really feel bougie. This is like a real at home spa treatment. I find it so therapeutic and almost transformative. 10 mins out of my day to chill and relax and let the steam do all the work. If you were really on it, you could couple this time with a lil meditation and I wish that was me but god my brain never stops. Of course taking a steamy shower, or hovering over a pot of boiled water will probably achieve the same results. This just feels 100 times more professional. Sitting in front of a steamer for 10 mins helps to loosen any dirt helping to unclog pores whilst also feeling super calming and soothing. I tend to follow up with a detoxifying clay mask to reap the full benefits or go in on my hydrating serums and mists for a post steam glow. 

The steamer I use is the KINGA steamer through Amazon but this has since doubled in price – corona vibes. I’m sure any steamer will do the trick!

Dermaplaning facial

This is essentially shaving your face with special tiny razors. You won’t catch me in the bathroom with a gilette and shaving cream all over my face! I like to do this about once to twice a month to remove any peach fuzz and dead skin cells. This is also an excellent way to easily shape your brows when you’re a little lazier on that front *cough* me. This creates a smoother, blank canvas for makeup to apply on top of, but even more importantly ! it supposedly allows your skincare to penetrate deeper and more effectively. It makes my skin feel baby soft which I absolutely love. And it’s pretty satisfying to see the instant results.

These are super cheap on Amazon

Massage facial

Supposedly this helps with lymphatic drainage and creates a lifted effect if done correctly, but I’ve come to learn Gua Shas are much more effective at this. Rollers are definitely more gimmicky, but I love them for an effortless, lazy facial massage. There’s plenty of tutorials online for facial massage but I tend to just go with what feels right and jade rolling feels so good! Usually I’ll apply a little facial oil (at the moment I’m loving the Biossance 100% Squalene Oil) before going in with the roller. This really helps it to glide across the skin, along with the added skin benefits of the oil.

To ensure your roller is made from real jade I would avoid purchasing through Amazon, this is the one I use and trust.

I don’t do these things everyday; when I feel I need a boost I’ll usually add one into my evening routine. If I were to do this all in one big spa day routine, which honestly I’ve been too lazy to do up until now, it would go like this:

  • Double cleanse
  • Dermaplan
  • Steam
  • Clay mask
  • Hydrating mist and serum
  • Moisturiser
  • Oil and jade roll massage

In fact that sounds like a good plan for tonight!

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  1. sarah mcintyre
    April 27, 2020 / 6:32 pm

    That was a good read and definitely sounds like a treat to wind down. I must try some of this. Xxx

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