Gloucester food festival

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Every summer in Gloucester the Quays hosts a food festival which gets better each year.

This year the festival was packed with people eating different foods, enjoying the sunshine and listening to live music playing. For a food lover like me this is the dream and I attend every year. In previous years I have bought tickets to watch food demonstrations by the chefs who visit. I’ve seen Gino D’acampo and Mary Berry to name a few. And so a couple of weeks ago me and my friend Rio went to the festival. We looked at all the different foods available whilst also playing a spot of Pokemon Go – gotta catch them all I’m afraid!

We saw wholesome loafs of bread, donuts of all flavours, pizzas with more toppings than we could ever imagine and freshly picked strawberries all in one place. There was more food than we could eat and it was a struggle deciding what to actually purchase.  Eventually we decided to get churros and pink lemonade. The churros were crispy and warm heavily sprinkled with sugar and served with a runny, sweet chocolate sauce. The pink lemonade was fresh and zesty. We found the tartness of the lemonade complemented well with the sweet churros. Overall a successful snack.

Rio also purchased a box of baklava and I have massive food regrets for not buying some of the brownies pictured above.

Attending the festival is a must if you live in or near Gloucester and as I said, each year it gets better and better. If you’ve not been before definitely make it a to do for Summer 2017.

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  1. Sarah
    August 7, 2016 / 3:11 pm

    You should send this to the Citizen, they could use it to promote next years.

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