Giving in to Kylie’s liquid lipstick

Kylie lip kits

If you’re reading this it’s too late. I gave in to Kylie Jenner.

I’ve resisted buying anything from Kylie Cosmetics since she first opened. Although I admired the lip kits, I thought I would never buy one. They’re too expensive, they’re just hype, you can buy dupes for way cheaper. That was what I thought… until Kylie released her 19th birthday collection.


As soon as I saw this I fell in love and knew I needed it. All my old opinions flew out the window and nothing mattered unless I bought the set. The first two launches I couldn’t get my hands on them due to being in Devon with no wifi – shock horror. And so on Monday 8th August it was time. I set my alarm to 9.55pm, although I was ready and waiting at 9pm in all honesty. The stress levels were rising and my heart was beating fast as if I’d just competed in the olympics lol. Finally the clock struck 10 and the online shop opened.

The lipstick set went straight in my basket but I was immediately taken to the holding zone. NO THANK YOU! If you’ve been in this dreaded holding zone you’ll know you’re told not to refresh. Soz Kylie but ain’t nobody got time for dat. REFRESH. Sold out. What?! The kit sold out in 3 minutes during which I was in the holding zone.

Excitement soon turned to annoyance which turned to curiosity. Okay, that set I wanted is gone… what else can I get? In comes panic shopper Linda. The Kristen and Leo lip kits find their way to my basket – ps these were the colours I wanted most from the set although I would’ve 100% preferred minis. Oh they’re still available? Okay then lets get them!

So that’s how it went down lol.

And then Thursday 9.55pm and guess what I’m doing again? Waiting to buy another lip kit. Ginger this time which wasn’t restocked the last time I ordered, so guess who has to pay for shipping again? This girl! Honestly once you order once, whats to stop you ordering again?

On Friday 19th my first two lip kits finally arrived and unsurprisingly I had to pay customs – an extra £17ish. But once again the excitement overruled and I was eager to try them out.

Kylie lip kits

Kylie lip kits

Both lipkits came in the signature Kylie Cosmetics packaging accompanied by a note from Kylie. The lip pencils are both creamy and smooth. Kylie recommends you fill in the lips with the lip liner first before applying the liquid lipstick but I’ve found it works better to only line the lips. The liquid lipsticks both smell like sweet strawberries and vanilla cream, slightly sickly but not over powering. Both apply well and are extremely pigmented, although Leo is a tad patchy. They take about half a minute to dry matte and once it’s dry it ain’t moving nowhere. One thing I find annoying about lipsticks is their staying power and having to reapply – so far with these I’ve not had that problem. Despite being matte these lipsticks don’t feel as though they dry out your lips making them comfortable to wear all day or all night.

Kylie lip kits

Kylie lip kits

Kylie lip kits


Kristen is said to be a warm brown berry. On me it appears very rosy although it comes out a lot redder on camera. It’s definitely a summer shade which is a shame as next week is September but I’m hoping I’ll be able to get away with it ha!


Leo was part of the limited edition birthday collection and is said to be a true deep burgundy supposedly containing real gold. This is definitely a dark red as opposed to a dark purple like Kourt K and comes out quite bold and vampy. Like Kristen it appears darker on the lips on camera than in person. The swatch below appears quite brown but it isn’t brown at all in real life – on me at least. This is perfect for Autumn and nights out. I think I may prefer this colour over Kristen but time will tell.

Kylie lip kits lipstick

I am really happy with both kits and can’t wait for Ginger to arrive. But please Kylie, only make ugly colours from now on for the sake of my bank account.

What’s your favourite Kylie Cosmetics shade?

Thank you for reading,

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  1. Kimberley Jessica
    August 30, 2016 / 9:38 pm

    I do love the concept of these but i could never give in to them! You chose some stunning colours!

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