Bar & Beyond Sheffield Opening

Last weekend I was kindly invited to check out the opening of a new bar in Sheffield called Bar & Beyond. This was the first I’d heard of the place so needless to say I was intrigued. According to the website this is the first of a new concept of the UK late-night bar market. It opens at 5pm serving food and then moving into more of a club scene as the evening goes on with some of the ‘best DJs around’.

Feeling pretty excited me and my friend Becky as my plus one set off for the night. We arrived to the bar and were greeted by the staff as we entered. The first thing that caught my attention was the artwork plastered across the walls and bar. It was an urban, street art kind of style which added character to the place. There were a few seating areas for eating food and a huge bar offering lots of different cocktails. We decided to first sample a cocktail before having a look around but were left waiting for quite a while. This was understandable as it was the opening night and I’m sure the bar staff were still getting used to making all the cocktails. Eventually though we got bored of waiting and decided to look around.

We were kindly taken under the wings of the manager who ordered our drinks straight away. We ordered a porn star martini and a pineapple mojito which were both equally as delicious.

And were then taken for a quick tour of the upstairs part of the building.

Bar and beyondBar and beyondBar and beyondBar and beyondbar and beyond

On the stairway we noticed an upside down horse hanging from the ceiling – not sure why but cool! He told us how upstairs had previously been flats and toilets which they had completely knocked out to create the large space they desired. Here we saw more art work such as a painting of two horses and once again there was a big bar. This part of the building had more of an unfinished feel to it but we were told this is where the club scene would take place. Apparently the DJs play different styles of music for each night and there are going to be lots of student nights on offer.

Bar and beyondbar and beyondBar and beyondBar and beyond

Overall it was a cool location which I think would have a good atmosphere on a proper night out. I would recommend you try it out if you’re ever in Sheffield. And I’m excited to go again when the business will be booming… not to sound like DJ Khaled!

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  1. Sarah
    September 25, 2016 / 7:11 am

    Love the horse mural and that porn star martini looks yum!

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