The lazy girl’s night out routine

Every night out has so many expectations, and the list of things to do grows the more you think about it. Shower, shave, fake tan – if that’s your thing, makeup, nails, clothes, hair, predrinking and then the actual night out.

But when you’re a lazy girl things don’t quite go to plan.

The day usually begins by remembering you’ve forgotten to buy lemonade for prinks. So off you go to the shops with one thing in mind, although this usually ends in ‘what else should I get now I’m in town?’ A visit to Lush? A browse in Topshop? The quick trip into town has ended up taking way longer than you expected and by the time you get home you’ve tired yourself out already.

So obviously next comes the unavoidable pre-night out nap. You fall asleep softly and wake up panicked thinking it’s way later than it really is. Panic over luckily, as there’s still just enough time for dinner!

Forget having a delicious, nutritious meal though. You’ve left it too late – oven chips and baked beans it is! Whilst eating your food you wonder where everyone else is… oh yeah, they’ve already started getting ready. You eat fast and rush upstairs and into the shower.

This is the quickest shower of your life and you realise you’ve only just properly woken up from the nap. Refreshing. You speed shave and consider if you should wash your hair. But there’s no time to dry it – lol.

You wrap up in your dressing gown and sit in front of your mirror ready to do your makeup.

You then realise you’ve not dampened your beauty blender – life. Five minutes later you’re back in the zone and feeling like a makeup artist. What look should I go for today? A cat flick? Of course. False eyelashes? Do I dare? And most importantly, which lip shade? After trying out a few, you end up settling for the same one you always use – typical.

night out routine

night out routine

You’re sat singing along to your music SO in the mood to go out and realise, wait a second… what time is it? It’s later than you think and you still haven’t chosen your outfit. Eventually with your room now a tip you’ve chosen your outfit and it’s time for hair.

Finally you’re done. The finished product. You gather your flatmates ready to leave for pre drinks. You then realise you’ve forgotten to take money out – what’s new? A quick jog to the cash machine on the corner and it’s finally time to go.

Thank God.

night out routineThe night goes in a blur of dancing, fun, people falling over and your one friend getting too drunk. Eventually you’re back in bed with the takeaway you picked up on your way home. You did it. You survived the night. But it’s not long until you have to do the whole thing  all over again…

Are you a lazy girl too?

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