Brunch at Bill’s

Bill’s is one of those restaurants I can go to any time, any day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner – I’m there.

Yet something I’ve noticed since being at uni is not many people have even heard of Bill’s before. Say what? So naturally it’s become a mission of mine to slowly make all of my friends eat there. So far I achieved my flat mates in my first year, and unsurprisingly it went down well.



If you’ve never been to Bill’s let me give a brief description of the atmosphere. Bill’s has a rustic feel to it with bundles of dried chili peppers hanging from the ceiling and hand written signs. The seats are a mixture of booths, huge leather sofas and comfy arm chairs. It always seems to have mood lighting no matter what time you go and seems to be a hit with people of all ages.

Bill’s also sell their own products such as jams, chutneys and my favourite pink lemonade. Once I went for my birthday and they gave me a box of their chocolate truffles as a gift- so obviously you should go there for your next birthday too haha!

But back to the food!


For my most recent trip I took my flatmate Tammy for lunch before uni one day. We decided to sit in a booth tucked away from the rest of the restaurant which was surprisingly busy for midday on a Thursday. We happened to be just early enough for the cross over 15 minutes of breakfast and lunch menus. So of course I got breakfast and she got lunch. I ordered blueberry pancakes with strawberries, bananas and maple syrup while Tammy ordered chicken skewers with tzatziki and a couscous salad followed by pecan pie. And since it was late enough to be lunch I also ordered a side of skin on fries. Surprisingly they went really well with pancakes???


The pancakes – these were fluffy and sweet drizzled with maple syrup. The fruit was scattered on top with icing sugar sprinkled over and a sprig of mint placed in the center. Fancy. To me these pancakes are honestly so tasty  and they were eaten far too fast. If I’m ever craving pancakes, these are the ones I want. Bill’s can do no wrong.

The fries – as mentioned in my Jamie’s Italian review , skin on fries are my favourite and these were no exception. Seasoned well the saltiness contrasted against the maple syrup in a salted caramel kind of way. If pancakes and chips become a thing, know that I did it first lol.

Tammy has said she really enjoyed the experience and savoured every mouthful of her food, especially the pecan pie she ordered for dessert. Still to this day she dreams about that pie. It was that good.

Overall it was a successful trip, now I have to decide who to take next!

Have you been to Bill’s?

Thank you for reading


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