My uni room tour – second year

uni room tour

I’ve always been really nosy when it comes to seeing other people’s uni bedrooms. Before I came to uni I watched a lot of bedroom tours and room decor videos, but I didn’t ever document my room in halls. So since my bedroom was tidy  (for once), I took the opportunity to take some photos and pull together this post. Although this may not provide inspo to anyone, I still think it’s cool to have just for my own memories.

So on with the room!

uni room tour uni room touruni room tour

As you walk in my room you first come across my fireplace. Here I have a piece of art work made by my great uncle which I love. My two lovely hares sitting side by side – both from Matalan but bought in different years. And a lot of candles I definitely should not have in my room – oops. And since it’s almost halloween I have a couple of ‘munchkin’ pumpkins from Waitrose – ooh la la!

On the floor in front of my bed I have my ikea rug which doesn’t really go with the carpet but is amazing and soft. I plan to buy cushions or a bean bag to make a cosy corner in front of the radiator for reading and doing work. But life and money gets in the way of these plans. On my windowsill of course, like any student, I have fairy lights. As my friend Josh says ‘girls love extra lighting’.

Uni room tour Uni room tour

Next we have my pride and joy. The love of my life. My bed. This is where I spend the majority of my time as I love a good nap. It’s comfy and squishy and hopefully crumb free lol. Next to it I have my ikea bedside table that I made all by myself – can I have a round of applause pls? I’m so proud of myself for making it. My biggest adult achievement to date. On top of this I keep my bullet journals, a lamp, any books I’m currently reading, lip oils, water and my sleep mask. Underneath I keep my laptop as I usually use this in bed for netflix, blogging etc. And next to my bed I keep my slippers for easy access at all times – vital.

Uni room tour

Next to my en suite door which has my floor length mirror hanging over it, is my chest of drawers. On top of this lives my makeup, jewelry, hairbands and deo. I bought this fancy makeup drawer from primark for about £2, which is so good for how organised it makes me feel. This is usually the first area to become a mess and even when it’s ‘tidy’, it still looks messy. Life.

uni room tour uni room tour img_3316 Uni room tour

On my rarely ever used desk I have a book shelf which once again, I built myself. Just call me Lindy the Builder. Here I keep books, pens, my keys and purse, anything to take back downstairs and some of my photos. I have a motivational card from Kikki.K which reads ‘The secret of getting ahead is getting started. – Mark Twain’, very deep. My two cards that read ‘Fancy a hug?’ and ‘You’re my favourite person’ are from Paperchase which I also love. And the picture of a deer is a Christmas card from last year painted by my mum.  Maybe one day I’ll actually sit at my desk…

Other than my actual en suite, laundry basket and wardrobe, that’s about it! My pretty basic but perfect to me bedroom.

What does your uni room look like?

Thank you for reading,

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