Brunch at Craft and Dough Ecclesall Road

Craft and dough

Recently, I was kindly invited to Craft and Dough Ecclesall Road to sample their new brunch specials menu. This new menu aims to provide choices packed full of locally sourced ingredients from Sheffield. Along with this, the menu has a more on trend, contemporary feel to it than the regular brunch menu. Avocado on toast and breakfast panna cotta to name a few.  And so with my friend Sophie in tow, off we went to eat our favourite meal of the day – brunch.

This was the first time either of us had been to Craft and Dough. And because both of us only knew the restaurant as a pizza place, needless to say we were really excited to try their brunch.


Craft and doughThe coffee.

Unlike Sophie, I’m still yet to discover a love for coffee. She ordered a cappuccino made from beans from the Sheffield Forge roastery. It was smooth with a very nice, strong flavour. And I was excited to see the latte art teddy bear on top. Meanwhile I drank apple juice which looks suspiciously like a tall glass of whiskey on the rocks…
Craft and dough brunch

The brunch.

I ordered the eggs benedict, while Sophie ordered the mushrooms on toast. And wanting to try as much as possible we also decided to try the pancakes from the specials menu as a sort of brunch dessert. We really do go all out when it comes to brunch.


Craft and dough brunchThe eggs benedict.

Honestly the best eggs benedict I’ve ever had. And I don’t say that lightly. I am a huge lover of this dish and not everyone does it right. The hens eggs were poached with soft yolks laying on top of crisp, smoky bacon. The base of this benedict was a slice of lightly toasted focaccia which was delicious. Give me a good slice of bread any day. Liberally spooned on top was the hollandaise sauce coating each mouthful with chives sprinkled on top. B-e-a-utiful. I’m still dreaming about it now. If there’s one thing I want to go back for it’s definitely this.


Craft and dough brunch

The mushrooms on toast.

This was field mushrooms cooked in a bechamel sauce served on a thick slice of the toasted focaccia bread. According to Sophie this was creamy and fragrant with a hint of cheesiness. And like me, she’s a firm lover of this bread. A tasty win.


Craft and dough brunch panna cottaThe breakfast panna cotta.

Although we didn’t order the panna cotta, we were told the chef wanted us to taste it. And so we did. This was a live yoghurt panna cotta placed on top of a sweet, crunchy granola with a passion fruit ‘caviar’. I had never tasted panna cotta before, and despite being anxious about tasting unfamiliar foods I still gave it a go. It was milky, creamy and smooth – something I’m not a huge fan of – so I’m still a bit unsure of what I thought of it. Meanwhile Sophie who knows she’s not a fan of panna cotta was converted towards it after tasting this dish. So if you’re a fan definitely order it and if you’re not sure, give it a go! You never know.


Craft and dough brunchThe pancakes.

These were a huge fluffy stack of the pancakes of my dreams. Oh my god. At this point Sophie and I were feeling extremely full… but there’s always room for pancakes. Especially those flavoured with a scoop of lemon curd mascarpone and a passion fruit coulis. We ate until we could eat no more of these mouth watering pancakes. A perfect end to a perfect brunch.

Not only was the food great, the staff were also lovely and the whole restaurant had a really good vibe to it. Overall it was a truly tasty experience. And I can’t wait to go back to eat brunch again or to try their pizza.

If you’re ever in Sheffield, I’d highly recommend you give Craft and Dough a visit. For more info find them at their website , twitter or stalk their delish food on instagram. Yum.

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  1. Sarah
    October 31, 2016 / 10:26 pm

    Sounds and looks yummy x

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