Fried chicken dreams at Lucky Fox, Sheffield

Lucky fox

So on my birthday last week, of course I went out for food. And my restaurant choice this day was somewhere I’ve been wanting to go for what seems like forever. Thanks to searching the deliveroo menu in anticipation for moving into my new house, and the wonderful world of instagram, I discovered Lucky Fox in Sheffield over the summer. But fast forward 6 months and I still hadn’t been. And so after seeing a couple of my friends had been, I felt it was time. And what better occasion than my birthday?

A well known fact – I love fried chicken.

Fried chicken is like my soul food and I’ve always been desperate to try chicken and waffles. It was my chicken destiny lol. And so on this day, my birthday, I finally got to fulfill this dream.

Lucky fox

The restaurant was much smaller than I expected with no more than 8 tables. It had a cool, laid back atmosphere with great Motown music playing in the background. The staff were lovely although they didn’t have birthday candles for my waffles haha.  The space was decorated with plants, prints, low hanging lamps and a stuffed fox which I can only assume is lucky. Apparently this restaurant is so popular there’s often queues up the street and there are hundreds of pictures on their instagram to make you hungry. The things that caught my eye were the chicken and waffles, obviously, and also their Lucky Shakes which come piled high with chocolate sauce and cream with a jam donut ontop. Although I’m not a huge milk fan this looks amazing and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t seriously tempted.


Lucky fox

And so with my friends Tammy and Sophie off we went to experience Lucky Fox. I went for the chicken and waffles with a side of fries, while Sophie went for the chicken burger with chilli fries and Tammy went for the mac n cheese with bacon. All the yummy foods. All the ingredients are fresh and the food is cooked to order, so although you may be waiting a little while you know it’s going to be the best it can be.

Lucky fox

The chicken.

This was thick strips of chicken breast with a crisp, fried coating. This wasn’t as spicy as I’d have liked but was still so tasty and crisp I fell in love. Tbh it’s hard to make a fried chicken which I don’t like. Just don’t go expecting it to taste like KFC haha.

The waffles.

I opted for plain waffles as opposed to cinammon waffles out of fear there’d be too much flavour. Looking back though, is there such thing as too much flavour?? Probably not. And so the waffles were quite bland and surprisingly… savoury? But they came with a smoky, maple syrup and a cinnamon butter which melted onto the waffles nicely. So tasty. The waffles were thin yet filling and I noticed someone sat on the table next to me had ordered them as the brunch waffles with berries which also looked delicious. Next time.

The chips.

Me being me I also ordered fries as I cannot resist. These reminded me of the homemade chips my mum used to make now and then when I was a child. Yum. They were crisp and delicious and I have to say went a lot better with the chicken than the waffles lol.

lucky fox

Overall the chicken and waffles were not at all what I expected but beautiful nonetheless. I think I’m destined for spicy, fried chicken served with sweet, thick waffles. Nothing beats sweet and savoury together. But who knows.

We all left very full and satisfied. And I’m sure we’ll be going back again if not deliverooing it. Lazy life. I’d highly recommend going if you’re in the area, but try to beat the queues!

Have you tried chicken and waffles?

Thank you for reading,
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  1. Sarah
    November 22, 2016 / 6:12 pm

    Mums home made chips Yay!

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