Making new memories at university

This January

has unintentionally become a month of doing things I forgot I enjoyed.

It’s so easy to get into the routine of staying in, watching Netflix, ordering food etc. Especially when it’s cold and dark outside. And don’t get me wrong, I actually really enjoy doing those things. And I’ll probably never stop, but sometimes it’s nice to actually do something. Anything.

At university

there’s a culture of sleeping all the time, going on nights out and missing lectures. But in all honesty, I’m a bit bored. A night out is fun, yeah, but do I want them to be my only memories from my university years? I’m already half way through my degree and as mentioned in my freshers advice post, one of my favourite memories of uni was going as a big group to watch our friend’s ice hockey match. This still is one of my faves. And so it’s really important to me to just get out and about to make more memories while I can. I want to get the most out of my time here. The most out of living with my friends and being a ten minute walk away from my others. And that doesn’t have to just revolve around nights out. Also I’d like to just throw in the idea that just because sometimes you find clubbing boring – it doesn’t make you boring.

I am

the type of person who likes to do things and make plans and so this month I have. Simple things I forgot I enjoyed like going out for meals, or even to the cinema are things I hadn’t experienced for a really long time and am pleased to say I did this week! I’ve gone ice skating – and thanks to my very patient friends can actually skate now… sorta. I’ve also been bowling – which I’ve accepted I’m ridiculously bad at and like I said, I went to the cinema which I hadn’t done in years – 10/10 would recommend La La Land btw, and of course I went for many meals out – including my first ever trip to GBK – I am in love.  It’s easy to forget how nice it is to actually do something when you get into the routine of not doing anything. And I have to say I do think this has improved my happiness levels.

I’ve lived

in Sheffield for 16 months and have rarely stepped foot outside the city center and explored the rest of it. Even just going to the ‘uni of’ end of town seems like a whole different city. This needs to change. Sheffield is a wonderful place filled with lovely people – in fact Sheffield has been named as the UK’s friendliest city apparently. So why do I not take advantage of this?

And so

I decided to write a list of some of the things I’d like to do in Sheffield while I still can:

  1. Visit the peak district – I crave the fresh air and landscapes Sheffield has to offer but I am still yet to see
  2. Go to the theatre – there are three theatres in Sheffield of which I’ve been to a total of zero. I love going to the theatre but have only been a couple of times so this is something I am really eager to do
  3. See a ballet – I have always wanted to watch ballet and Swan Lake did show in one of said theatres recently, alas I didn’t go – but there’s always next time!
  4. Visit the Sheffield Botanical Gardens – this ties in with the fresh air, nature thing but I also think it would be pretty cool to see and photograph the plants and flowers – my insta is begging for it
  5. Go to the Peddler night market – street food, live music and art. Need I say more? This occurs on the first weekend of each month, and every month I miss it. Typical
  6. Go to bingo – okay hear me out! I know bingo is associated with the elderly but a friend of mine has told me it’s actually a really fun, alternative night out to the usual which I’m excited about
  7. Play mini golf – so we’ve established bowling isn’t my forte, but perhaps mini golf is? I wont know till I try!
  8. And finally, I’d like to simply sit on a patch of grass, laughing with my multicultural group of friends just like the uni prospectus’ advertise… lol

I hope this gave you a few ideas!

Do you relate with feeling like this?

Thank you for reading,




  1. Deewhittard
    January 20, 2017 / 3:06 pm

    If you go to the Botanical gardens you will see a sculpture of Pan. Chris did some renovation work on it a few years ago as it had fallen into disrepair. Also there is what I believe used to be a bear pit!! The greenhouses are great too. Look out for squirrels. ❤️

  2. January 20, 2017 / 6:07 pm

    One of the things I regret from my time at Uni was not seeing more of the city I was in – I never seemed to find the time which is stupid really, I had loads of it. Good luck with your list, I hope you find the chance to tick most of them off.

    • howlindycsit
      January 20, 2017 / 6:56 pm

      This is exactly how I feel and what I fear! I hope so too, thanks for the lovely comment x

    • howlindycsit
      January 20, 2017 / 6:56 pm

      Snap! Thanks for leaving a comment x

  3. Sarah
    January 21, 2017 / 12:29 am

    Hope we do the Botanical Gardens when I visit xxx

    • howlindycsit
      January 21, 2017 / 6:22 pm

      that’s so cool! even more reason to!

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