A breath of fresh air

As I mentioned in my making memories at university post, one of the things I said I’d like to do was visit the peak district. And literally one day later I did. And yeah it was beautiful and it made a nice change to be outside in the countryside, but this trip was something more. It gave me a place and a time to really think and reflect on things.

When it comes to talking about my feelings I am quite private and it’s not often I feel I want to or can open up. This is made a lot worse when I’m at university without my family.

As you may know, my dad passed away last year. And although I may seem okay, I think about him everyday. Even in my happiness, I’m sad. And although it is something I don’t often express, it’s something I am always feeling and thinking about. It also makes me super sensitive to the smallest things, which I’m trying harder to stop doing. Don’t sweat the small stuffI have many pent up emotions which I can’t fully express making me feel trapped and claustrophobic. But there was something about going outside into the fresh air that made me feel like I could breathe again. Even just for a day.  And it reminded me of the familiar nostalgia of camping trips with my family and walks in the Forest of Dean.

Being in the company of friends who make you laugh is only ever a good thing. And mine are always encouraging me to do things even when I don’t feel like going outside.  That is Dannie and Elena who btw have been waiting a really long time to get a shout out on here lol. So there you go guys, you finally made it! Together we bought our picnic meal deals – student life – and set off together on our walk/hike.

It was actually hard work. According to my iphone I did 8,000 steps and climbed 22 flights of stairs. Dang. But you know – endorphins. It was also incredibly relaxing at times though, watching the ducks swimming in the glossy reservoir. So maybe it was that, or maybe it was the fresh air but whatever it was, it helped.

And that’s about as deep as I’m going to go with this post lol. I hope you enjoy the nature I captured in these photographs and consider going on a country walk too. Even though it is ridiculously cold lately. 

Thank you for reading,

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  1. Sarah
    January 23, 2017 / 10:53 pm

    Beautiful pictures and I’m so glad you and your friends did this xxx

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