The art of the double cleanse

Pixi double cleanse

Recently I gave in to Pixi and skincare queen Caroline Hirons’ new baby – The Double Cleanse. And of course I love it. I’m a keen double cleanser and even after a night out, the first thing I do when I get home is not eat my cheesy chips, not fall straight into bed – it’s to do my double cleanse. Lame I know.

Now you may be wondering what the heck is a double cleanse? But I’m guessing you probably do it already without realising.

Throughout the day your skin is exposed to spfs (if you’re good), makeup, dirt, sweat, pollution etc. This is why we should all cleanse our skin at night. You may have noticed when you remove this layer of dirt etc. not all of it is removed in one go. So incomes the second cleanse. It’s a pretty straight forward concept really.

Note: double cleansing is only for in the evenings! Once is enough in the am.

The first cleanse…

This first step to your new cleansing routine aims to remove the BULK of the dirt. This could be removing the makeup, spfs etc mentioned above. This could be simply swiping over micellar water on a cotton pad, using a luxurious oil cleanser or a solid balm. My personal favourite is using oily balm cleansers as I feel they are the most effective. (Btw here’s your monthly reminder that you shouldn’t strip oily skin of oils).

Ultrabland by Lush is great for this and has a smooth buttery texture – made with almond oil, rose water, beeswax and honey it is really nourishing. Another popular choice is the Clinique Take The Day Off Balm – this is said to be a solid balm to oil formula, however it is non-greasy and removes both skin and eye makeup. I’ve not yet tried this cleanser but the hype surrounding it means I’ll eventually give in lol. And finally of course, the Pixi Double Cleanse solid oil cleanser. This melts on contact with the skin and dissolves surface dirt, makeup, spfs and neutralises pollutants – pow pow pow! It contains vitamin E, camellia oil and evening primrose oil which all have great benefits to the skin.

So how to:

  1. Smooth the product onto dry skin
  2. Work it into the skin – especially focusing on areas which need it most such as if you’ve used eye makeup
  3. Splash the face with warm water to gently emuslify the product making it easier to remove (Pixi’s goes very soft and milky at this stage)
  4. Remove the product with either a warm, damp muslin cloth or standard flannel

Pixi double cleanse

Onto the second cleanse…

This step is to cleanse your actual skin rather than remove any makeup etc. You could in fact use the same cleanser as step 1 for this, i.e. rinse and repeat. Or this could be a cleansing milk, cream, gel etc. This stage should also be the one where you really massage your skin and help it to feel clean and nourished before applying the rest of your skincare.

I’m a fan of both cream and gel cleansers for this stage. And of course Liz Earle’s Cleanse and Polish is a firm favourite of mine. A smooth, creamy cleanser which I feel really softens the skin – I talk about it way too much. The cream cleanser half of the Pixi Double Cleanse is a firm winner too. This is unscented if you’re picky about things like that whilst still feeling thick and luxurious. If I’m in the mood for a gel cleanse I’ll go in with the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel which is packed full of incredible ingredients and vitamins which help to make my skin glow. It is said to be ‘nutritional skincare’ and as a nutrition student I’m a sucker for it.

P.S these are the cleansers I use in the morning too.

How to:

  1. Smooth onto either damp or dry skin depending on the cleanser – eg Liz is dry, Pixi is damp
  2. Really massage into the skin
  3. Swipe off with a warm, damp muslin cloth (this also helps to gently exfoliate the skin)

And you’re done!

Pixi double cleanse

I know it sounds long but when you give it a go it really isn’t all that time consuming. And it’s a good routine to get into. To me looking after my skin is a form of treating myself and so it’s something I really enjoy doing!

I’ve mentioned a lot of products in this post all of which I’d highly recommend, but the star of the show really is the Pixi + Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse. Perfect for travelling it contains both cleanser 1 and cleanser 2. Also good for your bank balance rather than buying multiple products. Although not designed this way you could also use the cream cleanser in the morning, although this may cause it to run out long before the balm. It’s suitable for all skin types and both are unscented and therefore unoffensive. Win win!

Do you double cleanse?

Until next time!

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  1. Sarah
    March 6, 2017 / 6:46 pm

    sounds good

  2. Deewhittard
    March 6, 2017 / 7:12 pm

    Interesting blog. Like the sound of the Pixi product.

  3. March 7, 2017 / 6:15 pm

    I’ve always wanted to try some products from Pixi and I love the sound of this! Great post. X


    • howlindycsit
      March 7, 2017 / 6:39 pm

      thank you! all of their products seem to be amazing, definitely check them out x

  4. March 9, 2017 / 11:22 pm

    I’ve really wanted to try pixi skincare for so long it’s ridiculous and when I saw this it was just another thing added to my growing Wishlist! I love to double cleanse but haven’t tried that many products yet and this one looks and sounds perfect! Also probably gunna check out a few other you mentioned too!

    Ellie x

    • howlindycsit
      March 9, 2017 / 11:39 pm

      Pixi is so great! I bet the glow tonic is on your wish list too hahahah – also an amazing product! I’d love to hear how you get on with any of them x

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