Restaurant review #9 – McDonald’s

McDonalds uk

Susan doing her thing

‘Have you ever seen so much yellow food before?’

As you can tell from the title, I’ve reviewed a lot of restaurants since starting this blog. But I’ve neglected one of my true loves in life – fast food. Let’s all just forget I study nutrition for a second. It’s so good, but so bad – I just can’t resist. So of course we’re going straight in with the God of all fast food joints – McDonalds.

The atmosphere

McDonald’s is the type of place where every single restaurant looks the same. The menu’s the same, the furniture is the same, even the employees seem the same. But that’s what we love about it. You can go in knowing exactly what you want and can be back out again before they can say ‘Do you want fries with that?’. And hopefully they don’t mess up your order. But in saying that, this was a pretty old style McDonald’s, in that it didn’t have the touch screen order boards… but that’s Stroud for you.

Now you may be wondering why did we order so much food??? Well behind the scenes were myself, my sister, brother and mum – so no judging my appetite please haha. And for the sake of review purposes, I figured it would be cool to compare a few similar items and taste some I’ve not noticed before. It’s easy to get in a food ordering rut and become a fast food eater of habit.

So onto the food…

McDonalds uk

The beef

When it comes to maccys you can’t go wrong with the 99p cheeseburger or it’s cheaper cousin the hamburger. There’s something so simple and tasty about it and knowing the price ain’t half bad either. But bring in the uncle Big Mac and the daddy Quarter Pounder with cheese and they do seem a bit lame. Btw this was my sister’s first Big Mac which was pretty life changing for her. And I too am a fan of the triple bun situation and ever since this day the cravings are real. But the 1/4 is a classic which we usually tend to go for – that salty, thick beef patty with ‘proper’ onions, plastic cheese and a somewhat suspiciously shiny sesame seed bun – yum.

We didn’t order a Big Tasty which is definitely on my to-try list now as according to my friend Sophie, they are in fact tasty.

99p burgers 5/5  

Big Mac 4/5  

Quarter Pounder 4.5/5

McDonalds uk

The chicken

Our next comparison was between the Mayo Chicken – 99p, breaded chicken, mayo, lettuce, standard bun – and the McChicken Sandwich – £2.99, battered chicken breast, mayo, lettuce, sesame bun. Almost the exact same thing? Except according to the website one is ‘chicken’ and one is ‘chicken breast’ – pretty suspect for McDonald’s of all places. But on a side note I never hear of anyone ordering a McChicken… I actually didn’t know it was a thing before the twitter uproar lol. But surprise, surprise I actually preferred the Mayo Chicken???? This proves once and for all my cheap taste. But I think it was the standard, cheap maccys bun that did it for me.

Mayo Chicken 4/5  

McChicken 3.5/5

Chicken McNuggets vs Chicken Selects, you ask? Selects every time. I’m sorry. But aged 20 I think I’ve had my fill of McNuggets. Gimme those spicy strips with smokey bbq sauce any day please.

Nuggets 2/5

Selects 4/5

(Looking back now I have no idea why we didn’t order a chicken legend but oh well)

McDonalds uk

The fish

The Filet-O-Fish can only be described as a square fish finger in a bun with tartar sauce and a slice of cheese. I definitely regret ordering this and couldn’t bring myself to even taste it. Something about the square shape and the thought of cheesy fish was pretty gross. Sorry Kanye – what she order ain’t Fish Filet. Tbh who goes to McDonald’s and orders fish?

Filet-O-Fish 0/5

The chips

Everyone’s favourite – salty, hot, crispy and delicious – you can’t go wrong. Dipped in bbq sauce or ketchup – either goes. Speaking of ketchup has anyone else noticed McDonald’s no longer use Heinz Ketchup? Sad times people. If it was Heinz it would be a perfect 5/5, alas…

Fries 4.5/5

McDonalds uk

And all washed down with a fresh coke or if you’re a gross milk drinker, a milkshake

which probably tastes like all the flavours combined. But don’t hold me to that.

And if that’s not enough

Of course, the go to is a McFlurry. I hate to be basic but you can’t beat the Dairy Milk McFlurry. Creamy, smooth icecream is a great way to finish the already gloriously calorific meal. If the machine’s working that is… lol.

McFlurry 5/5


I give McDonald’s a 5/5 and although I am not a regular eater of it (depending on how many nights out I’ve been on), it is such a classic you’d be a fool to rate it any lower.

If you’ve read this far I hope you’ve realised this is a sort of April Fool’s blog post lol.

But if you did enjoy it I will definitely do more like this. I like feeling like the Chicken Connoisseur hahah!

Till next time,

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  1. Deewhittard
    April 1, 2017 / 10:21 am

    Haha!! I was beginning to wonder what you Mum would eat since she is a confirmed vegetarian. Xx

  2. April 1, 2017 / 7:01 pm

    Fillet o fish is my favourite! Also the apple pie, do they still do those?

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