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Sally Hansen miracle gel review

When it comes to nails I hate having them bare.

But the Lazy Girl within me is all about the cheap, quick-dry nail varnish. There’s also a lack of top and base coats, cuticle oils etc. usage. A truly minimal nail care routine. However, quick to dry somehow translates into quick to chip. Who has the time to repaint their nails a few times a week? Not me! And I’m not quite boujee enough to get them done professionally at a salon. So when I saw Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel polish being talked about a lot recently I had to try it. Now don’t get me wrong. At £9.99 this is quite expensive. But it is said to last for 14 days with less chip than regular nail varnish so it could be worth it. I have no idea how much salon gel costs but I’m sure it’s also not cheap lol.

(Note: Since writing this post I have upped my boujeeness levels and got a gel manicure in Paris lol)

Sally Hansen miracle gel review

Step 1 – Prep

Sadly my nails were pretty short today. But I invested in a nail file to shape them and a buffing cube to smooth any ridges and add shine to my nails. This. Is. Life. Changing. I’ve used buffing blocks before but definitely forgot how good they are. Smooth shiny nails for days! If you’re not buffing your nails – give it a go! They’re pretty cheap and worth the effort as your nail varnish applies so much easier on smooth nails.

Sally Hansen miracle gel review



Step 2 – Paint

I bought three different colours which I thought I would get the most wear out of – a nude, a pastel lilac and a vibrant red. All very Spring/Summer. This time I decided to go for the lilac (shade 230 ‘All Chalked Up’) as purple nails are my go to.

I applied two coats for an even coverage and made sure to give it plenty of time to dry between each layer. This is where I always mess up. But surprisingly it didn’t take as long to dry as I expected – thank God.

These polishes have thick brushes which only need one to two strokes for full even colour application which definitely makes the whole thing a lot speedier.




Step 3 – Clean

At this point it’s good to go in with a cotton wool bud soaked in nail varnish remover to clean up the edges and any mistakes you made. But I forgot to do this lol.

Sally Hansen miracle gel review






Step 4 – Finish

The final step! Simply glide over the Miracle Gel top coat. This adds more glossiness to the nails and aids the gel-like finish whilst locking in the colour to prevent chips. Once again this does not need a light to dry and is quick and easy to apply.






Sally Hansen miracle gel review

Sally Hansen miracle gel review






The results:

shiny, smooth vibrant nails which should last two weeks! Which is pretty insane.


Although it is said to last two weeks, I did find the polish chipped on my nails after about 4 – 5 days. This is longer than quick-dry nail varnish lasts – but still disappointing none the less. Sad times people. If you’d like to try this product I would recommend only buying one colour to test the longevity – but I will still wear mine so no major regrets!








Are you a lazy girl when it comes to nails?

Thanks for reading,

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