Colourpop Super Shock Shadows Haul

Colourpop haul brady bandit cornelious seeker mittens

Colourpop is an American cruelty free makeup brand with a good reputation for the quality of their products. It’s well known they use the same factory for their liquid lipsticks as Kylie Cosmetics, and it’s rumoured some shades are exact dupes using the same formula. But at a fraction of the price coming in at $6 compared to Kylie’s single liquid lipsticks at $17 it’s pretty cray. I did purchase some which may be in a separate post soon! But despite this, the thing I was most interested by were the super shock shadows which are $5 per colour. With super cheap prices and the allure of free international shipping I gave in – surprise, surprise. But I of course was hit by the dreaded customs charge. The only downside to ordering from the USA. Well, that and waiting ages for it to arrive lol.

Colourpop haul brady bandit cornelious seeker mittens

When choosing shadow shock colours I was massively overwhelmed – there’s so much choice! To help narrow this down I decided to only choose matte shades for everyday wear. And after a loooong time searching through colours and looking online for swatches, I finally decided on 5 colours I thought would all work well together to create a few different eye looks. Despite us moving into spring/summer now, I couldn’t resist the reds and browns I’ve been loving in A/W along with a couple of spring pastel shades. The shadows are all super smooth and blend beautifully together #blessed. They’re also perfect for everyday eye shadow looks as they’re so quick and easy to use. The best way to apply them seems to be first with a finger and then blended in with a fluffy brush. Add a swipe of mascara and you’re good to go!

1. Cornelious 

Colourpop cornelious super shock shadow

Cornelious is described as being a matte warm caramel. To me it’s a super creamy, warm shade which is barely visible on my skin sadly. I found the best way to use it is as a base colour all over my eyelids for wearing with eyeliner, to cancel out any veins and even the skin tone. It’s definitely a no-makeup makeup shade but I think it would look amazing on super pale skin.

2. Brady

Colourpop brady super shock shadow

Brady is described as being a soft matte dusty rose which is pretty accurate. I was really disappointed however, when I swatched it, to find it’s cool toned. I’m definitely a warm toned girl and as you can see it really washes out my skin. After testing on my eyes I can confirm it does look ridic lol. The joys of ordering things online!

3. Seeker

Colourpop seeker super shock shadow

Seeker is said to be a warm matte reddish-brown which is does look like in the swatches. However, when applied to the lids I would say it’s more of a muted orangey-red on my eyes which I loooove. This is a great colour all over the lid and the lower lash line, but definitely looks better with a darker shade blended into it in the crease to help add more depth.

4. Bandit

Colourpop bandit super shock shadow

Although bandit is described as being a warm rusty brown, similarly to seeker it definitely comes off more red on my eyes. But I love it this way. This is probably my most worn colour and looks equally as beautiful on it’s on; blended into seeker; or on the lids with mittens blended into the crease. I can see this hitting pan first!

5. Mittens

Colourpop mittens super shock shadow

Mittens is a matte plummy brown which is a perfect crease shade to add more drama to any look. I love to wear this when I’m wanting a heavier eye look but equally it looks good blended into the crease on it’s own. This is a look I like to wear a lot if I’m not feeling eyeliner, giving a smokey depth and colour to the eyes whilst still being subtle. A super versatile shade.

Colourpop haul brady bandit cornelious seeker mittens


Colourpop haul

I’m always wanting to extend my makeup brush collection, and since these are made to work with the shadows, I gave in.  I went for the shading, blending and angled brushes.  Although bought with the intention of using for shadow, I only actually use the blending brush for it’s original purpose. Which it’s amazing for! The others I use for concealer…? The shading brush I find is far too firm for shadow and fails to pick up as much pigment as a finger could, but is a great concealer brush lol. Whilst the angled brush is perfect for concealing around the brows for added definition. Each brush was only $5-6 so definitely worth the money! And can I just say how much I love the packaging of these brushes – baby pink is my jam! (But now I can’t seem to find them on the website – have they been discontinued??)

So that’s it for this haul. Like I said, I did buy some of the liquid lipsticks which may feature in a different post. But for now, that’s your lot!

Have you purchased from Colourpop?

Thank you for reading,

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  1. Sarah
    May 27, 2017 / 12:35 am

    Wanted to see it on your eye xxx. Show us your lips when you do the lipstick one xxx

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