Nars Soft Matte Concealer

Nars soft matte concealer caramel

Growing up I was never really interested in makeup until I was about 16. I wanted to wear concealer and foundation, but had no idea how to find the right shade and was too shy to ask for help.  It wasn’t until I was 19 (!!!) I had the confidence to be colour matched, and whilst in London for Nottinghill Carnival I popped to Nars for the first time. The Sheer Glow Foundation and Radiant Creamy Concealer took my fancy, but I ended up having a full makeover too! I was loving life haha. So when it comes to makeup, I always have a soft spot for Nars. It was my first time purchasing high end makeup and having my makeup done. They boosted my confidence and made me feel special.  Luv u 4ever Nars.

Since I never did, I still don’t wear foundation on an everyday basis, in fact I only apply it for nights out. Instead, I have a love affair with concealer. It feels more comfortable on the skin and a little goes a loooong way. I also find I don’t want to cover my skin, just enhance it. I love taking care of my skin so completely covering it seems redundant to me. So I’m always keen to try new concealers.

One year later

I returned to Nars on the hunt for their latest concealer offering. The Soft Matte Concealer. When this was first released I had zero interest in it. A concealer in a pot? No thank u. I’ll stick to liquids. But the more I saw people talking about it, the more intrigued I became.

So whilst on a visit to Newcastle, I popped to Nars. And the lovely Mary colour matched me. She was able to take one look at my skin and matched me to Caramel instantly. Pretty impressive. I told her a little bit about my past colour matching shyness and she urged me not to think that way. Telling me how important it is to be matched and how it’s nothing to be afraid of. It is their job after all. She also agreed I don’t need to wear a foundation on the daily and advised me on which bronzer and blush would compliment my skin. Pretty much another full makeover. But I ain’t complaining. Treat yo’ self.

Anyways back to the concealer…

Nars soft matte concealer caramel Nars soft matte concealer caramel

As mentioned in my colourpop haul I use their shadow brush to apply the concealer from pot to face. ESSENTIAL as ain’t nobody got time for foundation nails. I apply it under my eyes, down my nose, chin and the center of my forehead. Basically any area I want to highlight. As well as on any spots, or redness which I seem to get around my nose.

Nars soft matte concealer caramel

I then blend this all in using a damp Real Techniques sponge using a patting motion. This really helps to spread the product further whilst giving a pretty flawless finish. I also finds it takes some of the heaviness away from the product leaving just the right amount remaining on the skin.

Nars soft matte concealer caramel

As you can see it helps to even the skin tone, but doesn’t fully cover the ol’ dark circles. But I’m yet to find something which does tbh. Colour correcting is something which I’d like to try for this. So if anyone has any recommendations, let me know!

Nars soft matte concealer caramel

I then set the concealer with a bit of translucent powder and add the rest of my makeup. The concealer makes a perfect, flawless base for other products and once the rest of the makeup is added – bronzer, blush etc, it leaves a natural yet airbrushed finish which I love. And of course glowy skin can still be achieved – so don’t be put off by the name!

Nars soft matte concealer caramel

Nars soft matte concealer caramel

Nars soft matte concealer caramel

Are you a Nars fan?

Don’t forget to leave me your colour corrector recommendations!

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    • howlindycsit
      May 29, 2017 / 12:47 pm

      it’s amazing isn’t it! definitely give it a go – could be your new favourite concealer! x

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