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anything but ordinary

If you’ve never heard of The Ordinary, where have you been?

The Ordinary is a skincare brand owned under the Deciem umbrella. Boasting powerful ingredients to solve specific skincare concerns. Simply put, the products get the job done. They speak for themselves. There’s no pretty packaging, perfumes or major advertising. And thanks to this, they’re super cheap!

If you think about it, this is what makes skincare and beauty products so expensive…

Labelled by the exact ingredients the product contains – it can get a bit confusing. And it may feel like you need a chemistry degree to decode them. I still don’t fully understand what half of them do. But the easiest way to decipher the little potions is to first know what you want to gain from the product.

For me I wanted to minimise my dark circles and treat/prevent any fine lines. In other words – a miracle.

My eyes have always been a ‘problem’ area for me and I find I can get quite conscious of the dark circles which won’t be covered by concealer. And the fine lines creeping through. At the end of the day it’s no big deal, but if I could fix it, why not? I use eye creams but I always find they’re never as effective as I want them to be. So why not ‘make’ your own eye solution? 

So straight into my basket go the Caffeine Solution 5% EGCG and Buffet.

anything but ordinary

The Caffeine solution

is said to reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness. I’ve also heard people use this to reduce the appearance of cellulite which is pretty interesting. Alcohol, nut, cruelty free and vegan – it’s a great product for anyone. A single drop massaged under the eyes AM and PM. Easy peasy.

I was able to notice a difference after the first night of using this baby. And as the days went on, after about a week, my dark circles had significantly reduced in size from the outer eye towards the inner. I even asked my sister if she could notice a difference which she could. Crazy. Of course they’re still here. I think it’s naive to think a product can completely erase your dark circles. They’re usually genetic. But reduce them? YES! I’ve had dark circles under my eyes for as long as I can remember, no matter how much sleep I get. So this is a big deal. And at such an affordable price, a small amount used each time, I can see this is going to last for aaaages.

no ordinary skincareBuffet

is a facial serum which is said to target multiple signs of ageing. Also vegan, alcohol, nut, cruelty AND gluten free. It’s called buffet as it contains lots of different ingredients all working together – peptides, amino and hyaluronic acids. Boosting hydration, stimulating collagen, preventing loss of elasticity, reducing fine lines and improving skin texture. Incredible.

This is the first serum I’ve owned and has definitely helped to plump my skin, getting the most out of my moisturiser (hyaluronic acid can hold 100 times its weight in water from the moisturiser you apply on top). I apply this all over the face, including the under eyes – helping to accelerate the hydration of my eye cream. It’s super light weight and absorbs quickly into the skin. Less is definitely more with this product. I think it has helped to reduce the appearance of the fine lines under my eyes too, not drastically but slowly but surely. If anything, I just like the idea of prevention!

So how do I fit these products into my routine?

Cleanse – acid tone – face spritz – caffeine solutionbuffet serum – eye cream – night oil if PM – facial moisturiser – DONE!

Like I said, I find each of these new products to be quick to absorb into the skin, so although it’s adding two extra steps to my routine, it’s not a huge effort. The whole routine is almost therapeutic haha. So together these two products help to supplement my current moisturisers, accelerating and enhancing them, making them more effective. And at such an affordable price it’s anything but ordinary.

Have you tried any of The Ordinary’s products?

Thank you for reading,

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