3 Gloucestershire Brunch Spots

When it comes to my home county, Gloucestershire, it hardly screams brunch. But you know me. I’ll find a good brunch wherever I am and in the past few weeks I got to experience 3 very different brunches, in 3 different Gloucestershire towns. So I thought I’d do a little write up on them since I obviously took photographs of alllll the foods. Now these are by no means the best brunches of each town, nor the worst I’m sure haha. They’re simply where I’ve been recently!

So onto the food!

Gloucester – Cote Brasserie

brunch at cote

brunch gloucester

brunch gloucesterbrunch gloucester

brunch gloucester

Cote is a pretty recent addition to Gloucester. Located in the Quays – chain restaurant heaven – it’s a French cuisine beacon in a sea of Italians. And after noting the marble tables and stunning floor tiles, this shot to the top of my To Try list. So together my sister and I went to fulfil our French brunch dreams. I opted for the Croque Madame – of course! – one of my all time favourite foods, whilst Susan went for French Toast. And unable to resist reliving our Paris trip through baked goods, we shared a warmed croissant with a selection of jams. V fancy. V delicious. I give it a 5/5 would eat there again. I need to try the eggs Benedict which I didn’t notice at first look at the menu! This place is also very instagram friendly… just look at the marble!


Cheltenham – Baker and Graze

cheltenham brunch

cheltenham brunchcheltenham brunch

cheltenham brunchcheltenham brunchcheltenham brunchcheltenham brunch















Baker and Graze is a recent discovery to me. I had never heard of it before Petite Elise wrote about it. So when we met up recently, of course we headed to this brunch spot. I opted for the bacon and eggs on sourdough minus the avocado – bad blogger award I know. Whilst Elise went for spinach and mushrooms on toast minus the eggs – with my avo on the side. Full of fresh loafs of sourdough, donuts, croissants and pain aus to go, it really lives up to it’s name. Wooden tables and exposed brick walls – it’s a pretty cool place to graze. I would rate it 4/5 due to quite a limited menu – most things are with bread or on bread, but sometimes you might want pancakes you know? However it is quite adaptable! Perfect for all you avo haters and fellow vegan babes like Elise!


Stroud – Curio Lounge

stroud brunch  stroud brunch

stroud brunchstroud brunch












stroud brunch

And last but not least we have Stroud’s offering of Curio Lounge. With cool mismatched furniture, lamps and old school photographs hanging on the walls – this is a pretty scenic place to brunch. Here brunch is served all day – perfect for me and my siblings, as although Susan and I wanted brunch, my brother was able to have lunch – boring! We opted for full cooked breakfasts – mine the meat version, Susan’s the veggie alternative. And both were nice but not exactly life changing. I couldn’t help but wish I’d opted for something more exciting, like pancakes or eggs Benedict. The best part of the breakfasts was the bread which was soooo tasty. But kinda says it all. Also side note:  I had a fresh orange juice which tasted incred until I swallowed a seed hahahha, so not the best experience.

Taking this all into consideration I give it a 3/5, I would eat here again, but I wouldn’t specifically choose to.


brunch gloucestercheltenham brunchstroud brunch


So as you can see the brunches went down hill as the time went on hahah. And nothing can beat my home city Gloucester. Of course this wasn’t a ‘fair’ test as I ordered different meals at each place, but that’s just what I fancied – who knew I wouldn’t order a single eggs benny? I’m a changed woman.

Where’s your go to brunch restaurant?

Thank you for reading,

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  1. Deewhittard
    July 25, 2017 / 8:12 pm

    Interesting blog but I couldn’t get the photos of the Stroud breakfasts for some reason! You’ll have to show me them some time. Xx

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