What I’ve been reading, watching and listening to lately

reading, watching, listening to lately

Alrighty, it’s that time again when I tell you the books I tried to read but didn’t really get round to finishing. But this time I’m adding a splash of what I’ve been watching and listening to lately too so you know, there’s some actual solid content for once…




reading, watching, listening to lately

Surprise! I didn’t finish these books!

You know the drill. I love the idea of reading, but when it comes down to it, it just never happens lol. I’ve read two books this year and although I enjoyed both, it did nothing to motivate me to continue. I pick up books so sporadically, reading the first few chapters and putting them back down in random places around the house. Unless I’m really into it and read it within a few days – there’s no inbetween.

Of course there are lots of reasons for not reading – laziness, not having/finding the time etc. but I’ve realised my main one here is these. are. hardback. books. 

This may seem extra and like I’m making excuse but please hear me out! Hardback books are big, uncomfy, unpractical and you can’t even crack the spine!! I just can’t read books in this form. Even my Harry Potter books are paperback. I’ve been attempting to read these books for months, if not years now lol. And this is only made worse because they seem to be the books of Summer 2017. Captioned by everyone as ‘you have to read this book!!’. But you know what. You have a paperback copy. And if I had one too, I would read the dang books.

If you fancy giving them a go – and then lending me your paperback copy – the latest three books I’ve attempted are as follows

The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena

The Girls by Emma Cline 

Bloom: navigating life and style by Estee Lalonde 

(the only exception to the rule and a book I’m actually really enjoying lol)

And in future pls stop me from buying more hardback books. I will never, ever read them.

reading, watching, listening to lately_________________________________________________________________________________________________________


reading, watching, listening to lately

I am a tv lover. I could watch it all day long and not get bored, in fact I currently have three different streaming apps on the go – Netflix, Amazon Prime and NowTV – not to mention the classic main 4 channels on demand. But I have to say, things have been very dry in the ol’ tv/movie department lately.

Of course I’m always watching Eastenders lol. And lately I’ve been really into rewatching Waterloo Road since this is now being uploaded to Youtube! Painfully slowly though. I like to binge, not wait. But that’s all I’m really into TV wise atm. Nothing else is really shouting watch me!! which is weird.

Film wise I’m back into rewatching any 80s movie I can get my hands on. The Breakfast Club, Dirty Dancing, Sixteen Candles. I only wish there was more on offer. Currently none of my streaming apps have Can’t Buy Me Love or Say Anything… my all time fave 80s movies. Sad times.

Oh and Moana of course. Obsessed. Love. It.



reading, watching, listening to latelyAnd finally, what have I been listening to?

Music wise I haven’t really found anything new I’m loving. This usually happens at uni when my taste gets influenced by my friends. Always a lil bit of house from Lauren K. So I’ve been making full use of my Daily Mixes on Spotify and have 5 very different playlists. Hip hop, grime, reggae/dancehall, pop and disney. Any mood, any occasion, I’m prepared.

I’ve also finally dipped my toes into the world of podcasts thanks to Anna and Lily Pebbles with their At Home With… offering. Although very weird to get used to only hearing and not seeing, I loooove listening to these before bed. And I’m sure my eyes are enjoying the extra rest too. I still find it odd they chose to ‘show’ the listeners around the guests homes, telling us about the interiors etc. when obviously we can’t see it. But the interesting guests keep me coming back for more. And I’ll be sad when I’ve listened to them all (I only have three episodes left!). Series two please?

My favourite episodes so far were Jo Elvin editor of Glamour magazine, Alexia Inge founder of Cult Beauty, Madeline Shaw the food writer and of course Liz Earle herself.

Please hit me up with your podcast recommendations!

reading, watching, listening to lately

So those are all the things I’ve been watching, listening to and attempting to read lately ha!

Like I said, please please tell me your recommendations for any of these categories but especially any good podcasts!

Thank you for reading,

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  1. September 5, 2017 / 3:10 pm

    Helpful blog post!

    I’ve been trying to find some more reviews on books to read since I’ve been getting back in to them. I’ll definitely have a look in to these!


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