Thoughts On Starting My Final Year of University

final year of university

Alrighty, it’s that time of year again. A new year of university. And in my case, my third and final year! When they say uni goes by faster than you expect it to, they’re really not kidding. I can’t quite believe soon I’ll be able to say I’m a university graduate and an actual, real nutritionist (lol). And since tomorrow is my last ever first day of school, so weird, I thought I’d get some thoughts out from brain to screen so to speak. So on this fine Uni Eve these are my thoughts.

If you’re just starting university and cannot relate to this post at all – fear not as I have this one for you instead!

final year of universitySad

My initial thought at the prospect of finishing uni is sadness. I’m a very nostalgic person, always thinking about how good things were in the past. Even more so recently, and I’ve had some amazing times over the past two years.

In my first year I really gave the university lifestyle my all. Always up for a night out. Hanging out with my friend’s from the flat below at Halls every evening. I was having a lot of fun pretty much all the time. And although this eventually led to a burn out, it also resulted in some of the best memories.

But towards the end of my first year of university, around Easter, my dad passed away. Despite this I went back to Sheffield, took my exams and returned again in the Autumn. I’m someone who really believes in fate and so I don’t like to dwell on regrets. But something both myself and my sister sometimes wonder about is if we made the right decision following this huge life event. We both went back to uni despite still grieving which had repercussions for the both of us. For me I found I had lost a part of myself which I really needed at university. I isolated myself, stayed cooped up in my bedroom feeling sad and wanting to be at home instead of making the most of my time in Sheffield. Invitations for nights out were turned down, I went home at any given opportunity whilst Deliveroo and Netflix became my best friends. I was really not in a great place and I lost a few friends who felt I was no longer making an effort for them… lol. Despite all this I did still have times which made for great memories. But it was a very strange year.

So really I have no idea how this year will go both mentally and emotionally, but either way I’m still sad it’s coming to an end.

final year of universityWeird

Along with feeling sad about finishing university, I also feel very weird. I have been in full time education for 16 years now! With no breaks. And honestly, I can’t really imagine what life will be like without it. I even considered doing a postgraduate masters degree at one point haha. Without sitting in a classroom for most of the year what will happen to my brain? Will it shrivel up?? Will it cease to exist??? I should probably consider some brain training exercises to help keep it ticking haha!

final year of universityScared

Now besides thinking about how uni is coming to an end, I’m also thinking about how much more effort I’m going to have to put in this year. As it has already been stressed by lecturers and people who have graduated previously – this year is going to be hard work. Of course there’s the usual assignments and exams but hellooo dissertation! And I think it’s about time I start doing extra background reading. I’m not too mad about this, as I do really want to give this last shot my all to hopefully come out with a grade I’m proud of. But that doesn’t make it any less scary. And if the work wasn’t hard enough, I need to also decide what the heck I want to do with my life!! I.E. finding a real life adult job. If the last two years are anything to go by, this year is going to go FAST. So scared, stressed, worried – any other synonyms – I’m definitely feeling these words.

final year of universityExcited

And finally, as cliche as it sounds I’m really excited for the next chapter to come! Cringe. But although the prospect of the future and being an adult is super scary it’s also such a mystery. Which is pretty exciting. A while ago I wrote a blog post all about where I thought I would be in 5 years and what I thought I’d be doing. And this post still resonates with me. I still have no idea where I’ll be, but I’m somewhat still cool with that. One day soon, hopefully, we’ll know though haha!

So that’s about it.

Here’s to my last year of university and the future that lies ahead!

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  1. Deewhittard
    September 25, 2017 / 7:15 am

    Take each day as it comes ,Darling. Life is a gift to treasure. I know you’ll do well whatever you choose to do. Love you. ❤️

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