The September Roundup

the september round up lindyc

As always, September has been such a busy month for me. I’ve been busy writing as many blog posts as possible before I made the big move back up North! I’m all settled in now and back into the old uni routine. But since this is my last year of university, this blog will probably end up taking a little bit of a back seat for the next couple of months. I always find I lack inspiration when I’m back in Sheffield. So getting a post together is always a lot harder and if I’m being honest, I feel everything is done. Trying to come up with new, creative ideas is proving more and more difficult. So I’m officially taking the pressure off myself for the rest of the year.

But onto the past month!

September was kicked off with a little exploration into my ancestry which led to some very surprising results! I then gave a round up of the things I’ve been reading, watching and listening to recently followed by a good ol’ list post of 6 things I do every Autumn. Sticking with the theme of the changing season I wrote about self love and buying yourself new pjs in the colder months.

I also went a bit beauty mad writing 3 blog posts on skincare, body and makeup. Kicking things off with a first impressions of a couple of skincare products from The Body Shop®. This was followed up by the 5 makeup items I can’t live without. And 3 of my favourite products from Lush for Winter! This one also features a little giveaway so definitely check that post out!

And finally I ended the month of September with a more personal blog post. All of my thoughts about starting my final year of university. 

So there we have it! All of the posts from September. Like I said I’m going to be focussing more on university for the next few months so please bare with me. And I’ll see you soon!

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  1. Sarah
    September 28, 2017 / 11:10 pm

    Loved reading and great pictures xxx

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