I’m Back, Baby

It’s me, LindyC. Did you miss me?

howlindycsit back on the blog


Surprise – it’s been an entire month since I last posted. Boy how time flies! You may remember in The September roundup I said I would take the pressure off myself from posting for the rest of the year. But I didn’t mean to take it quite as literally as this lol. A whole month without posting has been a very weird time. Lots of my uni friends have asked me how I was getting on with this lil’ blog. Hey if you’re reading this. But I wasn’t getting on with it at all. I fully pushed it to one side and got on with my uni life instead.

Taking a break from something is always good. It gives you time to relax, try new things, and refresh your brain. But boy am I the opposite of zen. My brain is full of uni assessments and assignments and all I’m thinking about are the dreaded deadlines fast approaching. And you know what? I need a break from that.

So I’m back, baby

I want to be a super organised blogger again. I miss the rush of writing and producing content. So where does this leave me?

Well, since November is my birthday month (woooo hello 21) and is obvs a v special time, I’ve decided to produce content pretty much everyday this month. Well slight exaggeration but yep, still the very opposite of taking the pressure of myself. I want to throw myself back into the deep end. And I have endless inspiration for this thanks to my lil break last month.

The plan is 2-3 blog posts and 1 youtube video a week. That’s the goal. Of course this is pretty crazy considering how many deadlines I have at the beginning of December. But this is something I really want to get back into. So let’s see if I can actually do it.

Oh also I’ve changed all my social medias from @lindyc_ to @itslindyc so look out for that.

I’ll see you again back here tomorrow. And the next day. And the next day…

Wish me luck


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