Getting the Fenty Glow

Fenty Beauty haulIt’s been so long since the launch of Fenty Beauty. This was a makeup brand launch I was so excited for and I was desperate to get my hands on some of the products. I don’t even need to mention the insane colour range the foundation comes in. Such a huge change for the makeup industry. Inclusive for everyone, no matter your skin tone. Rihanna is queen. And since then Fenty has been everywhere, so I’m pretty late to the party soz. I bought these products the day they launched and have been using them pretty much everyday since. So here are my thoughts.

So when it came down to ordering the products I was pretty overwhelmed by how much I wanted to buy. I was also shocked by how affordable everything was since I was expecting much more high end prices. These are similarly priced to Mac.

Although the foundation and contour sticks come in a huuuge range of colours, I’m still nervy about ordering things like that online. So I decided as soon as I can get to a Harvey Nic’s I’ll be getting colour matched for sure. I figured the best thing to do would be to buy the products I would get the most everyday wear out of. And so I picked up the primer, powder, a shimmer stick and the iconic lipgloss.

Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Primer – £24

Fenty Beauty haul primer

I never use primer. Back in my high school days I would use Benefit’s Porefessional to smooth out the look of my pores but I didn’t ever repurchase this. And even when I do wear foundation I don’t think to use a primer. So I figured I’d give this a go. In Rihanna we trust. 

This primer is nothing like the one I used before. This is smooth, moisturising and soft, almost like a lotion – and I’m all about makeup products bridging the gap from skincare.

Said to be shine stopping and pore diffusing with a soft matte finish, I find this to be a great base for foundation but I like to also wear it alone. I’m not sure if it makes my foundation last longer since I only ever wear it for a couple of hours on a night out haha. But I love the feel of this on my skin.

The product has an ‘invisipink’ formula which creates a blurring effect – but don’t worry it doesn’t leave your skin looking pink! I apply it to the centre of my face and blend outwards, while it sinks into the skin effortlessly. Oh and it has a really nice, mild scent too.

Rihanna said “I wanted this primer to feel soft and moisturising at the same time, as well as doing the job of keeping makeup on.” Girl u did it.

Invisimatte Blotting Powder – £24

I am powder queen. I never leave the house without it. Mainly from being so worried when I was younger about having oily skin and a shiny nose. But hey ho. So of course this blotting powder was top of my list. This absorbs shine and almost erases the look of pores further achieving the instant filtered look the skin products in this range are clearly aiming for.

Although this powder is white, it’s completely translucent against all skin tones – no more buying beige powders which claim to be translucent but clearly aren’t! When I first bought this I thought powder is powder. But the longer I’ve been using it for, the more I’ve realised how different this is. It’s a much finer powder than those I’ve used before and doesn’t go cakey at all. I love to apply it throughout the day.

Fenty Beauty haul powder

Portable Touch Up Brush 130 – £19

This is a portable brush made to go with the blotting powder. It even conveniently magnetises to it. It’s retractible, super soft and easy for on the go, but other than that I’m really not that keen. This is quite a small brush with slanted bristles designed for patting the powder into the skin. But I much prefer to use a big fluffy brush to diffuse the powder lightly. So in theory it’s great but in reality not so much. Plus it looked dirty from first use due to the white bristles and hellooo ‘caramel’ foundation.

Match Stix Shimmer Skinstick in Sinnamon – £21

Fenty Beauty haul


Now this is an absolutely dreamy product. Sinamon is described as being a cinnamon bronze which adds such a good blush colour to my skin. This is also a beautiful shimmery highlight too, a perfect two in one product. And even my sister noticed my skin was glittering, a beaut Fenty glow.

But it doesn’t stop there. I love to apply this onto my eyelids to pull the whole look together. One of my favourite things to use lately.

It’s super long-wearing and blendable with a cream to powder formula making it stay put. I swipe it on and blend it into my skin with my fingers. Quick, easy, beautiful. The packaging of this product is also magnetic so I can’t wait to buy more and stack them together. I’m after the purple shades Unicorn and Confetti next – I’ve seen photos of people with darker skin wearing these as eyeshadow and it looks absolutely incred.

Fenty Beauty matchstix sinnamon


Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer – £16

Fenty Beauty haul gloss bomb


Uno I’m a matte lip girl. And I’ve never really considered buying a lip gloss before. But something about this product caught my attention. I think it’s incredible only one lip product was made for the initial release and is said to be a universal rose nude shade – Fenty glow. This gloss is powerful. It’s so smooth and shiny and when it wears off it leaves my lips feeling soft and moisturised thanks to the Shea butter inside it. I think I’m a convert.

Although it’s a universal shade, I prefer to use this on top of my lips when filled in with lip liner. Making any of my matte shades, super shiny. I love this new look on me. New lips who dis.

The applicator is an extra big wand which applies sooo much gloss with one swipe, making lips look super juicy. Plus it’s peach-vanilla scented.

Oh and Rihanna said “I made it because I wanted the girls to get kissed more.” That is all.

Fenty Beauty haul

So those are the Fenty products I have so far!

Next on my list are the Soft Matte Foundation, the purple Shimmer Skinsticks, contour shades of the Matte Skinsticks and a Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter Duo. Basically I want it allllll.

Have you tried Fenty Beauty?

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