What Lindy Did in 2017

Oh hello there 2018…

Recently when, as per usual, I was feeling reflective, I was thinking about the year and how fast it seems to have flown by. They do say that happens the older you get lol – yikes. But I really hate the new year. It always makes me think of all the bad things which have happened. Everything I didn’t achieve. All the times I could’ve worked harder or put that extra bit of effort in because after all, the struggles are only temporary. And I’m left feeling like I’m in the exact same place in my life as I was this time last year. As Chance The Rapper once said ‘Where did you go to end up right back here?’

Funnily enough, I’m also a no regrets kinda gal and a strong believer in fate, so I’m trying really hard to shift these thoughts away now pls. In an effort to speed this along I’ve started focussing on my achievements, which I don’t often do. I’ve also noticed a lot of people seem to be tweeting their achievements from the year so I figured what better time to post this than now.

With the help of my camera roll jogging my memory, I’ve realised I actually did achieve quite a lot this year. So I guess 2017 has actually been pretty alright really. Maybe there’s something in the laws of attraction/manifestation/whatever but I managed to tick off basically all of my resolutions from last year. Who’d have thought. The obvious being here that I should make more for 2018, but more on that in another post lol… stay tuned.

what lindy didwhat lindy did

But enough rambling, what did I actually do then?

01. Well first of all, I became a gym bunny
yep like most people do every new year, I kicked it off by getting my butt to the gym. And ngl I got so into it. Which also led to a new love for gym wear and buying supplements I’d never in a million years acquire the taste for. I was getting stronger and stronger and felt all kinds of goals which I wrote about in this gym look book ha.

02. And then I stopped being a gym bunny
typically I know, I just stopped being into the gym. It’s one of those things which is so easy to fall out of and I had every intention to rejoin, but alas here we are and the sofa is once again my bff. I’m fully living my chill life atm. I have no strong desire to change my body, or even to feel stronger. Although it would be nice to climb the stairs at uni without dying halfway, I just don’t care enough right now. Sorry everyone.

03. Next I became a plant parent after that time I attempted to donate blood lol
I’m so into my plants me, I even wrote a blog post about why everyone should own one, they’re great. In fact I brought mine home with me for Christmas because somebody’s gotta look after them ppl

04. With the help of my siblings, we tasted pretty much the entire McDonald’s menu
for scientific reasons of course. And one of my greatest achievements to date lets be real.

05. Finally, finally, finally I went abroad for the first time
although, granted it was a eurostar to Paris and I still haven’t flown in a plane before, the thought of which definitely gives me the heebie jeebies. It was still amazing. I think about the trip quite a lot and how cool it was to be somewhere entirely new where I could get my tourist on. Snapping pics of everything and messing up the language, I made you all proud. I’ll always be dreaming about the everyday pain au chocolats and the life I aspire to live one day.

06. I made money from this blog
this is something I get asked a lot lol and yes this year I had my first sponsored blog and instagram posts which was pretty cool. It’s nice to know brands acknowledge your work, time and efforts. But regardless of whether posts are paid for or not, it’s cool all the same in my eyes. $$$$

07. And totally non related to that money, I bought my first car and learned to drive!
well, alright I’ve still not taken my test but I can drive if I want to… when accompanied by an adult over 21 who has had a full driving license for at least 3 years…

 A cheeky photograph interlude

08. I also started making youtube vids
after years of debating whether or not I was good/interesting/confident enough, I finally made the leap to youtube. I’m still not 100% convinced by it, which I may write about soon but if you’re feeling nosy check out my videos here.

09. I lived alone
so for the last month or so of uni I was living on my own which was an experience alright. Whenever I tell people this, they always seem shocked so there will definitely be a post to follow about living alone in the new year. But spoiler alert: I actually loved it.

10. Ur girl turned 21
yep I officially became a fully fledged adult lol like huh since when?? But my provisional driving licence doesn’t lie

11. I had the biggest realisation of the year: I need glasses
and you know what? Aladdin was right, it’s literally a whole new world. I had no idea I was losing my eyesight, and I have to say choosing my glasses was the biggest stress of my life. Specsavers 2 for 1 why u play me like this. But I made my choice and I’m sticking with it, even if I do look strange in glasses. A girl’s gotta see.

12. I also ate a lot of cheese
this year was when I finally accepted I can’t tolerate lactose anymore. I’ve been debating it on and off for years, quite vocally actually… So I’ve eaten my fill of cheese, and boy did I eat a lot, now no more. It’s such a sad time, but I physically cannot stomach it anymore. Mac & cheese, cheesy chips, pizza, nachos – I miss u.

13. Oh yeah, I survived my first term of final year
now that was a stress and a half, and honestly I could happily quit uni right now. But we’ll soon forget that pain too.

14. And finally I wrote 60 blog posts
61 if you count this baby. And all the other’s I’ve prewrote in anticipation of the new year hehe. Although I took October and December off from this lil blog, I still somehow managed to write 60 blog posts which is a madness to me. But I’ve enjoyed every second, and can’t wait to produce more, better content in the new year so please stay tuned for more!

Until next time x

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  1. Sarah
    December 27, 2017 / 3:19 pm

    You’re soooo amazing. Well done love 💖

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