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This is a post I’ve been wanting to write since the creation of this blog. But knowing myself I didn’t know when was the right time to finally do it. I am the queen of saying I’m done. No more piercings. Yet every now and then I get the urge again. And before I know it I’ve gained a couple more. And I’m not mad at it. Even if I am constantly trying to heal at least one piercing – the bane of my existence.

I feel like my piercings have become a part of me now. Although they’re only pieces of jewellery I can remove at any time, I’ve had some of them for 6+ years now. I can’t imagine how I’d look without them. I really do love them.

With a few recent additions I figured now would be a good time to finally do the post. 

On both ears I have my first and second lobe piercings. These were totally harmless. I remember getting my first piercing, probably aged around 10, sitting in Claire’s nervous as heck. After choosing my birth stone studs – golden topaz if you’re wondering – two different people pierced my ears with a gun simultaneously and I was told they could tell I really wanted it done because despite the pain I kept on smiling, lol cringe. Although seconds usually come next, they are a pretty recent addition from summer 2017. These were a real ‘I want something but I don’t know what’ situation. Absolutely painless and pretty instant healing. These were of course the easiest of the lot. I tend to keep a pair of small silver hoops in my seconds and forget all about them, while my firsts are the ones I switch up.

Left ear

Helix piercings. I’ve had a total of four helix piercings, the first being in the middle of my outer ear, which I’ve since removed. I got this piercing when I was 17 (Feb 2014) and remember feeling so cool haha. This soon turned into two, and then four (2016), and back down to two again (2018). At the time I was inspired by SunbeamsJess and Kylie Jenner circa 2015, with endless piercings wrapped around their outer ears. But this is something I’ve grown out of, in favour of more interesting piercings. Over it babe.

Rook. July 2015. The rook was my first more ‘grown up’ piercing which I had done in London. Hearing great things about Cold Steel in Camden, me and my bff and piercing partner, Rio, headed here to treat ourselves to professionalism for once lol. This was a piercing I was desperate for but super nervous about. And honestly it was such a good, straightforward piercing experience. Would definitely go again. 

Gill. Nov 2018. This was a total spontaneous piercing and something I would never have considered getting. After watching my two friends get this I was easily persuaded to too, as a form of matching friendship piercings lol. We’re cool. This piercing is super interesting as it goes under the surface of the skin, rather than piercing straight through to the other side. Not at all my style but I dig it a lot. Who knew.

Right ear

Double Forward Helix. Feb 2015. This was the first and sadly not the last time I got a double piercing at the same time. The second always hurts more than the first, with double the healing time and risk of infection. Don’t do it. These were my worst piercings to heal. I think largely due to the piercer using odd placements and perhaps the wrong ring size. But it was cheap, what can I say lol. After a very long time of attempting to heal it through various methods, getting a new piercing and forgetting about this one was all it took to finally heal up. Thank god.

Conch. Feb 2018. This was my first and only piercing I got in Sheffield. And now looking back I wish I had done more as this was surprisingly one of the best piercing I’ve healed, despite the awkward placement. Although perhaps that is due to my age and experience in healing. I’ve pretty much left it to do its thing for the past year, with the occasional chamomile tea compress when needed. I’m hoping to switch the jewellery to a hoop v soon.

Nose piercing.

Nov 2018. Ah the nose piercing that wasn’t meant to be. After losing the stud twice before I reached 6 weeks, this was a piercing which was just not worth the effort. I’ve almost forgotten I even had my nose pierced, although it’s in my graduation photos forever and ever to haunt me.

I intended to rate the piercings on a scale of painfulness but honestly the adrenaline and excitement surrounding it always overshadows any pain. Like giving birth I suppose. 😉

In the future I’d really like to replace all of my jewellery with gold hoops and studs. A more grown up look, but I’m sure that’ll be very ££££. So I guess the only question is, what do I get pierced next?




  1. February 10, 2019 / 9:07 pm

    RIP nose stud 🙁 I’ve thought about changing my piercings to gold before but I do like the contrast of silver

  2. Sarah
    February 10, 2019 / 11:08 pm

    You’re beautiful with or without peircings xxx

  3. Aunty Becky
    February 11, 2019 / 10:46 pm

    You have two piercings that I would like to get next time. Rook and forward double helix! ❤️
    Your never too old I say! X

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