The Spring Vibe

spring vibe

Is it still spring? Am I late?

Probably, but I’m here now. And I’m kicking off my latest hiatus with a new kind of post around here. The Vibe. A cool title for what is essentially the things I’m enjoying atm, whether that be fashion, makeup, musics, books you name it.

Recently I’ve been really into trying new things, especially when it comes to makeup. Finding a lot of inspiration from instagram, for once I’m actually trying looks out on myself. Lately makeup seems to be going down the fun, bright, colourful path and I’m definitely here for it. Think Glossier Play and you would be correct. Coloured eyeliners, glossy eyeshadow and bright nails I’m digging it all. Even if my boss referred to my yellow polish as ‘puke yellow’. It’s actually called ‘Living Your Best Life’ by Nails Inc fyi.

Needless to say Chance the Rapper is constantly in my head when I wear this. And in a couple of months I’ll be seeing him at Lovebox festival! I cannot be more excited! Summer is so close I can almost taste it.

But going back to yellow, how great is that colour this time of year? It’s everything. A definite vibe. I find myself wearing it a lot recently and my insta has definitely become yellow themed as a result. But I’m really not mad at it. This all began with the yellow polish, followed swiftly by my mini yellow Topshop bag which is definitely a statement piece. It’s love. I’ve also been very into the hair accessory trend lately, falling in and out of love with headbands everyday. And clipping away my fringe of regret with a lil somethin’ somethin’ cute. I’m really here for it all.

Who know’s what the new trends will be for next time’s vibe. But stay tuned to find out. 


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