Glossier: still using, still lusting

I feel like I talk about Glossier a lot. There’s just something about this brand that has me hooked and I cannot stop lusting over it. Even now when it’s been around for a while. It’s no longer so elusive or mysterious. I’ve tried my hand at the majority of what they have to offer. Yet still I find myself browsing the website every now and then. Eagerly awaiting news of new releases.

Despite feeling like I bang on about Glossier all the time, I’ve never fully indulged myself in a post dedicated to my favourites. Shocking. So nows the time people. Like I said, I’ve tried a lot of Glossier in my time (since it launched in the UK almost 2 years ago). But these are the products I’m still using and really recommend.

Cloud Paints
Of course. Probably their most cult product and for good reason. Easily blendable and buildable smooth, creamy liquid blushes. I use these on my cheeks, bridge of my nose, eyes… everywhere really. It’s very rare I go a day without applying a bit of cloud paint with my fingers. They end up on my face without me thinking about it, a solid part of my makeup routine. I’ve owned all but one shade of this and have to say dusk and beam are definitely the best for easy, effortless wear.
Tip: for use on the eyes, use an eyeshadow brush to intensify the pigment.

Lash Slick
This is one of the products I was very excited by the launch. This was designed to give the effect of lash extensions in a mascara thanks to the tiny fibres and tubing formula. I love the look this gives to my lashes. It is very different to normal mascara and does require a bit more attention to achieve the results. But it’s worth it. Long separated lashes which feel light and natural. This can also be built up without going clumpy or feeling heavy. Perfect for the warmer months, my favourite everyday mascara.
Tip: avoid wearing during pms as not tear proof – the only downside.

Generation G in Cake
This is a nice, peachy not nude but nude shade. Whenever I don’t know what lip to go for, or need something light and low maintenance it’s Cake. The formula of this lipstick makes it easy to wear and can be built up for more pigment whilst still feeling light on the lips, unlike traditional matt lipsticks.
Tip: this also looks beaut underneath the Lip Gloss, but any gloss would do the trick.

Body Hero
Glossier’s answer to body care in the form of their oil wash and body cream. I love these. Reason number one – the shower gel comes with a pump. Genuis! I love the oil to foam formula which leaves my skin feeling both clean and nourished. The body cream is luxurious and thick with light reflecting particles to make your skin look healthy and dewy. It absorbs into the skin well leaving it super soft and smooth. They really do work excellently together and alone, and I love their signature scent – orange blossom and neroli. It feels and smells expensive and grown up. I will always repurchase these.

Glossier You
And finally their fragrance, Glossier You. I’m thinking of writing a seperate blog post all about perfumes and fragrances, so I’ll keep this short. But this is again an everyday essential for me. This is an interesting fragrance said to smell like You. And I do find people recognise the scent of me when I wear it. You can often smell me before you see me apparently… in a good way of course! Scent compliments are the best kind.

Still Lusting 

On my current lust list are the newly reformulated serums. Ofc I’ve tried a couple of them in the past but they’re supposedly bigger and better than before. As a skin care lover I’m eager to get my hands on them – especially Super Bounce, mama loves a bit of hyaluronic acid. I’ve also had my eye on the Skin Tint and Stretch Concealer Duo for the longest time. With summer just around the corner they’ll definitely make their way into my basket soon! And hello! Has anyone peeped the new Brow Flick? It’s a need not a want…

And if you’ve still not tried Glossier, feel free to use my code for 10% off your first order 

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  1. sarah mcintyre
    June 21, 2019 / 12:05 am

    Great blog post.

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