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I have to say, quarantine has been kind to my skin. Pre/beginning of quarantine I was having a bit of a battle with my skin. I was waking up in the morning feeling upset about what I saw. This being one of the first time I’ve actually felt any strong, negative feelings towards my skin was unsettling. And following a battle with a retinol which ended badly with a skin reaction, I decided to make a change.

Since then I’ve taken a proper look at the routine. Simplifying it and stripping it back to what I feel is necessary. I’ve been really focussing on using ingredients to try to repair my skin barrier and avoiding those which will compromise this, I’m looking at you essential oils. Think gentle, non aggravating products with minimal fragrance. I’ve been being very consistent with my products and my skin hasn’t touched a drop of makeup in God knows how long. My routine is in a pretty solid place at the moment and I actually feel excited to do it every morning. What can I say, I’m committed.

I am definitely reaping the benefits and can see the improvements in my skin everyday.

This week I posted on my Instagram Story a quick look into my morning skincare routine. Mainly inspired by my new cleanser that had arrived in the post that morning. And although nobody asked for it, a lot of people messaged me afterwards to say how useful they found it. So I figured it was worth sharing the routine on the blog too! All of the products are fragrance free and do not contain essential oils unless stated otherwise.

Kate Somerville Goat Milk Moisturizing Cleanser. This is the new cleanser I mentioned before. It’s super soft, creamy and gentle. I love using a cream cleanser as they feel so soothing and nourishing. Although I’ve only been using it for a few days now, it’s definitely a new firm fave. This cleanser does contain fragrance, however I don’t think it is a concern for me in a cleanser as it does not stay on the skin for very long. It does smell pretty good though.

La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra 8 Face Mist. I then follow up with this lightweight, juicy hydrating spritz. I’ve used many a facial mist in my time but this one actually feels like it’s doing something. I think it’s more of an essence than a water and gives an instant dose of hydration post cleanse. It’s also made for sensitive skin so perfect if your skin’s in need of a lil calming down. It seems to be out of stock everywhere atm but definitely add it to your wish list!

Glossier Bubblewrap. My all time favourite eye cream, it’s incredibly non offensive to my sensitive under eyes. It’s creamy but lightweight and sinks in instantly. It also contains some of my favourite hydrating ingredients – hyaluronic acid, squalene oil. Leaves eyes hydrated, never oily.

Beauty Pie Super Active Capsules Pure Double Vitamin C & Vitamin E. My AM serum of choice these days is a vitamin C, as one of my main skin concerns is pigmentation and post breakout scarring. These have been super effective at reducing this and evening out my skin tone. They also give a beaut glow to the skin along with the other antioxidant benefits of vitamin C. I love opening these (biodegradable) capsules every morning. I will never go without vitamin C again.

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream. An old reliable favourite. This simple moisturiser gets the job done. It’s non offensive but leaves my skin plump and hydrated. It is the definition of boring but effective.

And finally the Beauty Pie Ultralight UVA/UVB SPF 25. I use a generous portion of this SPF regardless of whether I’m venturing outdoors or not. The rays can penetrate your windows! It’s such a beaut, juicy formula that leaves no white cast and doesn’t feel greasy. I love that it contains hyaluronic acid, it acts as an added layer of hydration as well as a sun protection. Although it is only SPF 25, I feel this is okay for quarantine and I will always reapply it if I leave the house. But Beauty Pie have informed me they will be releasing an SPF 50 soon – I cannot wait to get my hands on it!

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